Our Recordings Are Carriers of Emotion in Music

 This site is where we share the latest releases, updates, calendar, and more from engineer Hudson Fair. His company, Atelier HudSonic LLC  has been recording for more than 40 years.

 Here we are listeners and patient collaborators who want the best capture of YOUR GREAT SOUND.  

With a client list of the top top musicians and groups in the world, we have the experience to make your next recording one you will be really proud of.

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Selected Artistes We Record

Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble

St. Charles Singers 

The Cathedral Singers

Anima Young Singers

GIA Publications, Inc.

Wheaton College Performing Arts

Richard Proulx Catalog

Musica Lumina Orchestra, Marek Rachelski, cond. 

Niles Metropolitan Chorus

The Oriana Singers

Thomas Weisflog, organ

Randall Harlow, organ

Wolfgang Rübsam, organ

Cyprien Katsaris, piano

Evgeni Bozhanov, piano

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Lyric Opera 

++Plus hundreds more on 25+ record labels

Tudor Organ at Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, England

Pearl ELM-T tube mic
Bernt Malmqvist Signature Edition

Bernt Malmqvist of Pearl Microphones

AnalogueTube AT-3
(SOHO, London)
vacuum tube mic preamps

Esteemed French Microphone Griffon GMT-12

Won Jahrespreis award for a 5 cd set of all of Hindemith String Quartets with the Juilliard String Quartet

Lawson 47 mic with internal blue lamp.

Hudson at Sequoia editor

Hudson at Sequoia editor


Saint Charles Singers new record, "Kaleidoscope"


Mentor Georges Quellet,  inventor and of Stellavox


Stellavox-"Voice of the Stars"


Stellavox SM-8 as boom box.


Nagra Seven at Lincoln Cathedral, England

Hudson with Neumann KU-100 binaural head microphone

Sonodore MPM-81 Tube Microphone

Pink Schoeps mics

Artistic Fideltiy by Acousence 
adda 191 a/d converter
World's best converter sound now at HudSonic

SADiE editor

All analog table

Before their
 debut at the Met

Josh Thomas and Rupert Neve. Rupert Neve Designs, Texas

Genius Jacques Sax of Sonosax

Stellavox SM-8 analog recorder

Martin Theatre, Ravinia Festival-site of many of our famous recordings

Robert Schumann

Millennium Park, downtown Chicago

Tall microphone stand

Rens Heijnis Custom Built preamp working on 60 volts.

Gyraf Audio Gyratec IX tube preamplifier

Wolfgang Rübsam records Widor Organ Symphony No. 1 at Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago

Richard Proulx

Richard Proulx

Ravinia Festival recording room

A Control Room

Chicago Symphony plays Mahler 2 with Jimmy Levine conducting

Specialists in 3D sound recording

With Jonathan Smith, who assisted me on a brass recording session. John went on to be the  Recording Fellow at New World Symphony, Miami, Florida, 2018-2021.  He now is on
 the recording staff at Manhattan School of Music and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Up and coming 

Sanctified with SONOSAX mixersound

He plays the hammer

In Paris with Funky Junk Crew

At Lincoln Cathedral UK

with Philip Moore at Ripon Cathedral, England

The late Tonmeister 
Gunter Appenheimer--a very valued mentor.

John Dunkerley

Capitol Studios, Hollywood
Hollywooder Episode

Schoeps V4

with trusty Nagra Seven

JIm Pugh, organist

En France

Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House

Telefunken Loop

New Release 

New Release 

Grammy Nominee 2009, Best Classical Vocal Recording.
I was producer and engineer.

2006 Grammy Winner, Best Classical Vocal Performance for Rilke Songs. I was the Producer and Engineer. Also Nominated in  Best Classical album category.

Winner, Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik Preis. Best Chamber music record, 5-cd set.
Also named Record of the Year
I was the engineer.

Great release from Canadian pianist Ian Hominick

Recorded on tour in England at Ripon, Durham, and Lincoln, Cathedrals, and in London. 

Gargoyle Brass

Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble

Bella Voce, Andrew Lewis, cond.

Lawo console 

Lawo console 

Thick and rich sound from EL34 vacuum tubes

Setting up for a mic shootout

Temporary basement control room for CSO Mahler 2
Analog and digital coexist

135dB dynamic range

Le Microphone in Paris

New Orleans Life

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

2 Nagra T-Audio for overlapping recording

Stellavox SM-8

Out with Josh Thomas, Rupert Neve Designs
At The Duck Inn, Bridgeport, Chicago 

Custom color Schoeps

Sonosax Switzerland

At Sonosax, Le Mont sur Lausanne, Switzerland

Hudson Fair day at Nagra, 
with Pascal Mauroux, Head of Nagra.Romanel sur Lausanne, Switzerland

Katowice, Poland

Durham Cathedral dressing room

At Durham Cathedral, UK

Funkhaus, Berlin

At Tonstudio van Geest, 
Sandhausen, Germany


Wojciech Kilar

Funkhaus, Berlin

Funkhaus, Berlin

At Muscle Shoals Sound, 
Sheffield, Alabama

Universal Recording, Chicago

Special piano

Dennis Moore at the keyboard

Dennis Moore plays a Fazioli

I was there when Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars landed on earth. October 31, 1972 at the Winterland Arena, SF/CA.

Chrzanow, Poland is where I have my European headquarters

Recording at St. Cantius Church, Altelier HudSonic

Neumann Head

Location of William Byrd's house

Where William Byrd's house once stood, Lincoln, England

Ambrose Gauntlett, cello

My uncle, Ambrose Gauntlett, cello
First chair, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Played with The Stones and the Beatles

Ewa Kowcz, soprano

Tribute to Stefan Kudelski

Stage plot for Mahler 2

Recording the St. Charles Singers outdoors by a stream. 
Jeff Hunt, director