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Hudson Fair

Artistic Director, Engineer, Producer

The Classical Recording Specialists in Chicago  

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We have the most experience of anyone!

My expert crew and I have you covered! 

Sound is totally hot and totally pro.

Grammy winning Vocal Recording   Specialists; Choral Recording experts;

Chamber music recording;      

Early music recordings;  

Piano Recording Specialists;    Orchestra and Opera. We do it.


pictured left:  Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays Mahler 2. Our recording was hailed by all the critics and listeners. 

Jimmy Levine, cond.

Full range, Rich and Nuanced

At the Ravinia Festival Recording Room. Recorded there for 22 years. 

We still offer beautiful analog tape recordings with the Stellavox SM-8 super tape recorder.

No one else has it!

Tube and Tape SUPREMO.

Now with AnalogueTube AT-3 vacuum tube mic preamps from SOHO, London

Grammy Award Winning Sound

Get it Here.

Best Classical Vocal Recording
Best Classical Recording
Best Classical Vocal Recording (Again)

World's Best Microphone

The Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium ELM-T

Bernt Malmqvist Signature Edition 

Find 2 of these tube mics soon at HudSonic

We are using the ACOUSENCE 191 analog-to-digital converter


NEW at HudSonic  

Sonodore (Rens Heijnis) 

MPM-81 Tube Microphones

NEW at HudSonic  

STAGETEC Nexus Compact a/d converter/mic amp with DANTE

Hello! I'm ready for sound capture

Using proven technique for YOUR great sound

Sanctified with SONOSAX mixersound

SONOSAX is the best sound in the world.

Homage to Stefan Kudelski

Really tall mic stand!

Ready to capture YOUR great sound

We work in Opera.

Stellavox SM-8 records Chicago Symphony in Mahler Symphony No. 2  

Sound is mindblowed.

The record is finished in the editing room. Multi-colored Schoeps mics with van den Hul cable.

Full capabilities for YOUR Great Sound

Sonosax Recorder and MIxer--

World's Best Recorded Sound

Beautiful Sound Laboratory

Analog tape is in stock at 

Atelier HudSonic

Meyer Sound "AMIE" monitors now at 

Atelier HudSonic

Flattering tubesound--Hannah Rae Sings at the Power Station in NYC.

Rens Heijnis "Custom Built" mic preamplifier

We specialize in singers--

here: Danielle de Neise

More About Atelier HudSonic LLC

Producer and engineer Hudson Fair, head of Atelier HudSonic LLC,  has recorded classical music since 1981.  

10,000+ recordings

Over 450 LP's, CD's and hi-res releases.

We are a full service classical recording service doing recording, editing, and mastering. 

Our work has won many awards including Grammys 

7 Grammy nominations and wins including 

"Best Classical Album," and 2 times for

"Best Classical Vocal Recording."

German Deutscher Schallplatten Kritiker award, 

Grammophone Magazine(UK) Award for "Excellence in American Recording,"      

10 Diapason D'Or Medals,

11 Grand Prix du Disque awards, 

and the Tube and Tape Supremo award in 2013, 2014, and 2015-and AGAIN in 2019

Call us at (773) 551-3529


A Limited Liability Company

Unique Capabilities in Recording

Leaders in Binaural Recording

We use the Neumann head named Hermann to capture a "You Are There" listening experience. Perfect for headphone listening. And everyone listens to headphones these days.

Awarded Tube and Tape Supremo in 2014, 2015, 2017 and again in 2019!

We use vacuum  tube equipment such as the ANALOGUETUBE AT-3 (SOHO, London) mic preamp to offer a sparkle-y and beautifully liquid tone to your recordings. 

Advantages of working with HudSonic

House of Nagra and SADiE 

Nagra-Kudelski and its successor, 

Audio-Technology Switzerland, make  highly desirable recorders. We have owned one of every machine made since 1981.

We use the Nagra Seven. The British music editor SADiE v. 6.1 from PrismSound has been our companion for many decades. 

We rely on MAGIX Sequoia editor for multi-track mixing and editing.

Sonosax provides the Highest Dynamic Range at 135dB.

Sonosax (Swiss) supplies mind blowing sound recorders and mic preamplifiers. Here we use the Sonosax SX-R4+ recorder, 
the SX-AD8+ eight channel mic amp and a/d converter, and the new M2D2 portable preamp / a/d converter, 
dac, sound card.

Rens Heijnis Custom Built

The Dutch electronics genius, Rens Heijnis,  builds incredible sounding microphones and preamps. His 60 volt designs offer more nuance, more detail, more dynamics, and better defined bass in our recordings.  

We know all the best locations to record in. 

Great musicianship and innovative programming sound best in the best halls. We know all of them and have business relationships with all the managers.


AES Member Since 1981


Hudson Fair (lft.) and David Bock of Bock Microphones at Spago Beverly Hills. We know all the movers and shakers. At Atelier HudSonic, we are Action Men. 

Latest Releases:


St Charles Singers

Jeff Hunt, director

Upcoming new release from Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble

"What God Tells Me"

MSR Records

Szymanowski Songs with Ewa Kowcz, soprano

Then we look forward to more:

2 new records coming out in Winter 2023.


Looking for more information, bookings, or just want to get in touch with Hudson Fair? Leave a message below and we'll get back to you right away. 


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